6.Manage Functions

Configures detailed items in Maxgauge product.  For some of the features, after configuration, you must restart the Gather to reflect changes.


Admin Access

  1. Click on Admin.



Admin  Screen 




Manager Menu

Menu Description
Manage Server(s)


Monitoring target servers settings

    • Add, edit, or delete the monitoring target server.
    • Add, edit, or delete views (service group).
Manage Users)
Maxgauge Client User Setting

    • Add, edit, or delete Maxguage Client users.
    • Add, edit, or delete multiple screens (service group)
    • Add, edit, or delete the Admin Menu access rights for each user.
Logging Control Logging Settings

    • Sets the monitoring’s Refresh cycle, and the logging collection cycle.
    • Check the period of the data saving & Capacity for data collection
    • Sets the Backup cycle
Manage Events


Sets the alarms of the stat and disc

    • Sets the alarms of the stat and disc
    • History of stats alarms
    • Sets the Event filter
Stat Stat setting

    • Add, edit, or delete stat
    • Sets the stat type
    • 지표 데이터 타입 설정
System System settings


Notification Config

Menu Description
Notification Settings SMS Notification Settings

    • Add, edit, or delete indicators for which notifications sending permission will be given for each group
    • Set up sending rules.
    • Set up the text format.
Notification Report
    • View the sent history.