5.Intensive Monitoring Window
( Threads )

You can do an intensive monitoring of THREADS and SLOW QUERIES from the Real-Time Monitoring window.


READS Window )



Threads Window

The Server List of the corresponding group will be on the left, and the THREADS within the GROUP will be output on the right.


( THREAD Window )

Advanced Filter by ELAPSED TIME

Do an advanced filter of threads by ELAPSED TIME >= ? .


Configure Advanced Filter by ELAPSED TIME

  1. Click the47button.
  2. Enter the values in the Elapsed time(sec) input box.
  3. Click 48 button to apply.


Filtering by Specific Users From the Threads List

  1. Click on the 50button.
  2. Enter the values in the Filter by Username input box.
  3. Click on the  51 button to apply.


Filtering by Specific THREAD ID From the THREADS List

From the Threads List, right-click and select the 53 , and it will immediately show the filtered results.  To cancel the filter, click the 54  button  and click the  55   button of the corresponding Thread ID.


Single Server View

From  the Server List on the left, click on the servers you wish to see.  To undo, click on  57  button to clear the selections.