MaxGauge is introduced to us few years ago from HQ and it helps us monitoring the system.

And one thing I love about MaxGauge is it gives us early warning so that we can prevent and predict the problem especially on the performance.

When there is an issue, first of all we will look into the Maxgauge Real-time Monitor to see what’s going on. And then base on that, we could figure it out that something causes the problem in the database performance and it can also link to alert log to be able to figure it out what cause issue.

And we can kill the problematic session right away using the Maxgauge to prevent further problem.

And about the EXEM’s service, I think I have a very good experience with them and they are always there to help us. Especially when I have a critical issue, they would be able to log in to system remotely to support it right away.

They would be able to give a tuning advice through email within the day and more importantly they would be able to provide a training for us to understand how to tune the query to run better.

We are using more than one tool here to monitor and troubleshooting the issue and I think Maxgauge is one of the bests and would be able to recommend to anyone who want to have a tool with help to manage their system, it will make your life easier.