DBMS performance management solutions mostly have similar functions. How is MaxGauge different from other products?

MaxGauge is the only product which provides all of the following functions.

  1. Data collection and monitoring even in a database hang situation
  2. Various DBMS Combined Monitoring
  3. Session Analysis by each second
  4. SQL performance collection in increments of 0.01 seconds
  5. Short-Term Lock and Global Lock Analysis

Does MaxGauge provide monitoring function in a hang situation in which the database access is not available?

MaxGauge agent uses the SGA Direct Access method when collecting the performance data.  Therefore, monitoring is possible even in a hang situation, in which the database access is not available.

Can MaxGauge analyze the session information by each second?

MaxGauge has been constructed with an architecture in which the performance data is collected and saved at minimum load.  And so, it provides a function which allows you to analyze after storing the active sessions execution details by each second.

Can MaxGauge monitor and analyze the global lock in a RAC environment?

MaxGauge allows you to investigate the global lock’s holder not only through the real-time monitoring, but also through the post-analysis as well.

I understand that once the MaxGauge is installed, the MaxGauge Agent is activated within the database server. Is there any system overhead due to MaxGauge Agent?

MaxGauge Agent is presently operating database performance management on 4,000 databases of 450 client companies worldwide.  MaxGauge Agent’s (RTS) CPU usage rate is under 3% on average.

Is it possible to monitor over 100 databases with MaxGauge?

MaxGauge provides a 3D format dashboard called the ‘MaxGauge for Dashboard’.  ‘MaxGauge for Dashboard is able to monitor not only the Oracle, but it can also simultaneously monitor over 100 other various DBMS (for example, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.).

Is it possible to manage the performance of other DBMS besides the Oracle through MaxGauge?

MaxGauge products provide the performance management function for not only the Oracle, but also for the DB2, SQL Server, and MySQL as well.

DBMS Product Name Supported Version Remarks
Oracle MaxGauge for Oracle 7.3.4~12c
DB2 MaxGauge for DB2 8.1 and above
SQLServer MaxGauge for SQLServer 2005 and above
MySQL MaxGauge for MySQL 5.1.34 and above
PostgreSQL MaxGauge for PostgreSQL Expected to Release in 2015

I heard that you can build a proactive monitoring environment through MaxGauge. Can you improve the system’s availability by building a proactive environment?

MaxGauge provides an alarm setting and alert notification function for the main performance indicators.  This feature allows you to identify the problems at early stage before they develop into bigger problems and take proactive measures.

I would like to try the MaxGauge. Is a trial version available?

MaxGauge trial version is available and  the Trial Key is valid for 1 month.  The trial version and the regular version have the same functions.  You can order a MaxGauge trial version at http://www.maxgauge.com/contacts.

Do I need to install any other programs on my PC to use MaxGauge?

MaxGauge is a web-based product.  And hence, you only need a web browser (Chrome) on the user’s PC to use MaxGauge.

What is the policy on MaxGauge license?

MaxGauge uses the license policy by each database server core.  For more questions about the product quotation, please go to MaxGauge  http://www.maxgauge.com/contacts.