MaxGauge is for



MaxGauge Agent


MaxGauge Agent gathers various performance data from OS and database, and send those to

MaxGauge Data Gathering Server. RTS gathers performance data as follows

Gathering Method
SGA Direct Access
Kernel API

MaxGauge Data Gathering Server

MaxGauge Data Gathering Server includes DG(Data Gather) process and PlatformJS which is worked as HTTP web server.

DG(Data Gatherer)

DG process is designed to store various performance data

receiving from MaxGauge Agent to the database. And also

it gathers tablespace and Oracle parameter information

from DBA_* and V$* through SQL*Net connection.


PlatformJS is application server which supports DLL Plug-In

Function. It executes JavaScript through websocket and also
executes database query such as Oracle, SQLServer,

PostgreSQL and ODBC.

MaxGauge Client

MaxGauge Client provides web-based user interface for real-time monitoring and post-analysis on performance data.

In order to provide these, MaxGauge Client is developed using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.


Data collecting by MaxGauge Agent

Performance Data Type Monitoring Period Logging Period Description
System Resource Minimum 1 second 1 minute Logging period cannot be modified.
OS Process Minimum 1 second 1 minute Logging period cannot be modified.
Session Minimum 1 second 1 second Logging period can be modified. (1 second~ N second)
Default time: 1 second
SQL Minimum 1 second 0.01 second Logging period can be modified (Maximum 100 times per second)
Default time: 20 time per second
Alert When it occurs When it occurs Whenever it occurs

Data collecting by Data Gatherer

Type Logging Period Description
Oracle Parameter 1 day All Oracle parameters including hidden parameters
Tablespace 1 day Tablespace usage and free space information