We believe detailed management at service level is crucial to maintaining a high quality customer service. With MaxGauge, you can immediately pinpoint the root cause of any performance issues during developing and operational tasks of online banking, and reduce troubleshooting time and prevent any recurrence of issues.



MaxGauge allows you to monitor prior to development and operation in order to prevent any performance issues in a system running a high volume of transactions and in the event of system failures during an actual development and operation, MaxGauge can immediately pinpoint the root cause of the problem.


Transaction path

MaxGauge automatically displays the flow of individual end-to-end transaction which allows instant identification of where the delay occurs. This simplification of the complex transaction flow into an intuitive view is the greatest feature of MaxGauge.


Dashboard of Big Bank ‘W’

Tracking financial transactions
with other banks

Through performance tracking at each tier with respect to account transfer and transactions with other backs and monitoring of elapsed time by each foreign institutions, MaxGauge identifies the specific institution negatively impacting the service.

Specialized Transactions Collection Function / GID Tracking / Analysis of Elapsed Time of Transactions with Other Banks / Alarm Function for Service Delays Caused by Another Bank


Dashboard of Big Bank ‘W’