MaxGauge is robust in predicting and also giving the historical data. That is very important because we can go back as many months or years to look at history, and see how the query ran and how it changes. Also the important part is that

MaxGauge is not intrusive to the database, because it logs the data from the memory area rather than logging in our database

So there is no performance hit from the point of view to our database or server, so that in that way MaxGauge is very robust in getting information out. It’s about 3 DBAs are managing the entire system for 40 instances of Oracle database and about 300 servers for Sequel and 100 instances, so it’s lots of database and to keep up with the monitoring and everything. So MaxGauge helps us to manage all those things with a small team, and also get alerts and monitoring and everything automatically into our email systems.

I would recommend this MaxGauge to use to other in similar type of industry that has critical databases need to be looked at for issues, and tuning, and performance monitoring. Definitely this is very accommodate tool for this industry. language translator Our database is very critical because if it stops it effects manufacturing and it costs lots of money. It’s like an hour of downturn costs millions of dollars for our industry, so that is definitely a plus for having MaxGauge to predict and also pinpoint performance issues. Yes EXEM support is very good and we are doing collaboration with them for our training. So they come to our site and give us on-site training, hands-on training, help for the tuning part also. I would definitely recommend and thank for EXEM for doing those for us.

It helps us managing with less people with so many databases and also maintaining non-stoppable databases in 24/7.