We develop an ETL from the OLTP database and we also develop application interfacing it with our data warehouse typed database. We use a MaxGauge for few different reasons, we use it for some of the real-time monitoring to see what’s currently going on and see some of the details about current queries if they are running long.

And we also use it for monitoring and use it for historical information about queries that ran the longest or most commonly run queries or most often run queries to trace that back and do application tuning and query tuning.

I would say that was one of the most useful features that I found.

A lot of what’s happening currently is available through a lot of the database tables themselves and you can look at that kind of information but to have query information logged in several servers is very valuable to go back and to look in to see what was happening at a particular time. It’s extremely helpful to write a query and you can test that query. But until you see the interactions with everything else is going to be going on with the database. You can always tell the actual performance of it.