We manage database server, system and also the storage. Our system is very critical because the fab run in here is 24/7 and we manage about 40 Oracle database instances, about 300 Sequel server instances, 4 DB2 database instances. We use MaxGauge to monitor our database and also look into different kind of performance issues to do troubleshooting.

We use MaxGauge to store our historical data so that engineers can look into the performance issues to do performance tuning for the database. And we also use MaxGauge to do troubleshooting when the system has the problems like CPU usage or when some SQL queries run too long. server ip So our application engineer would be able to look back to the history and perform some kind of performance tuning or identify the issue with the application to resolve the problem.

We use MaxGauge because it is the Samsung Global Unit standardization.

So this is basically very valuable tool for us to look into the problems and see future improvement of certain query or certain performance of the system.

I would like to recommend MaxGauge to other companies because we uses this tool quite often to troubleshoot our issues and we did lot of performance tuning and our system is improved a lot like CPU usage reduce, I/O on the disk basically reduce because we use this tool.