We have 24 production databases and several more than that, development databases. And a lot of users were complaining about the performance issues with our reporting and some reports take hours to run because a lot of data in there.

So we were looking for some software. So several software we looked in that and we also have Oracle Enterprise manager at our premises here, but that was kind of more complicated for us. Oracle Enterprise Manager does a lot of things, and out of that we can also look in the performance but that say it is just one little part of that. And for us, it was very difficult to set it up to do that. We do that but it’s not that easy.

Then we first look at a software as usual, we have our security concerns and all that kind of things, what kind of software is that. We ourselves checked all those things and MaxGauge was pretty safe and secure, so then we’ve basically sought for the MaxGauge and we loved it.

We actually loved this software is very small footprint, I mean

for performance-wise it was very negligible impact on our overall performance and it gives us much more than we are looking for.

And we could actually find out, at particular time who did what, what was done, which SQL statement was that person running and then actually it gives us more visibility and more.

Other concerns for us was before purchasing the software, sometimes there was a breach in the database and some people downloaded some sensitive information and then get away with that. But to pinpoint for that who did it, it was very difficult.