MaxGauge is applied to the actual operational system to monitor and analyze business transactions in real-time. From the initial user request on the web browser to Web, Application Server, and Database, the overall end-to-end service performance is managed through each domain’s response time data.



MaxGauge can be applied onto operational systems to provide tracking function of transactions done in the Web, Application Server, Database, or even external requests and throughout all the system components.  If the system is set up with complex external connection such as an EJB or a socket connection, MaxGauge allows you to monitor the total response time to the end user as well as to each connection domain.  And in the event of performance degradation, it further provides the relevant data to help easily analyze where and how a specific transaction was delayed.



Web Server Response Time Estimation

Estimates the web server response time by collecting the network packet of the service request coming in through the web server and connecting with the Java transaction.


Application Server-Application Server
Response Time Estimation

Estimates the response time of Application Server-Application Server transactions through the RMI or socket connection, or the response time of Application Server-Java daemon transactions. Collects data with minimum resources without changes to the original transmitted data.



  • Collects all business transactions in real-time to provide instant alarm and analysis function in the event of system failure and service delays.  Instead of a post-analysis through statistical data, a real-time monitoring and analysis function allows you to instantly monitor the current status of your operational system service and help prevent potential problems before it occurs.


  • Monitors service response time delays or service issues due to application hang errors in real-time, even when there is no hardware errors such as the server or network.


  • Provides high visibility dashboard which allows you to monitor the entire service operations in real-time throughout all the domains.

MaxGauge Dashboard

  • The importance of real-time monitoring of all applications in the IT service is ever so increasing and it can have an enormous impact on the business outcome.  With MaxGauge, you can monitor the performance of your business transactions in real-time to provide efficiency and stability for your business.