Install MaxGauge on AWS within just 5 minutes!

Is your company’s system currently operating through AWS or planning to
migrate to AWS? If you are looking for a monitoring solution to create a
stable operation and one that is more cost effective, try our
MaxGauge for MySQL(MariaDB), which supports both AWS’RDS and EC2.


MaxGauge on AWS is AGENTLESS.

Install & start monitoring in just 5 minutes.

Monitoring MySQL and MariaDB on both Amazon RDS and EC2.

Useful to manage DB logs.
MaxGauge use a separate DB Repository for saving target DB logs.


MaxGauge offers a cost effective pricing policy which charges according to use time.
When you sign up for annual subscription, additional discounts may be applied.

License Model MySQL DB (MariaDB) Server Hourly Yearly
Standard Edition Entry 01~05 $0.239 $1745
Small 06~20 $0.764 $5584
Medium 21~50 $1.529 $11168
Advanced Edition Large 51~100 $2.447 $17868
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If you need a bulk license, please e-mail MaxGauge Sales at sales@ex-em.com


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