Energy – KEPCO KDN
Hongseok Jang

Our company, KEPCO KDN, as one who professionally develops and provides electric IT administration, one of the reasons why we adopted the MaxGauge was because we needed to enhance monitoring in the core of our system. We had first started with DBMax(MaxGauge’s Former Version) and it has been applied to the most critical systems in Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO).

First of all, as an administrator, the ability to quickly recognize and identify the issues at a glance is very important and MaxGauge is very impressive in this respect. It allows you to analyze the issues and identify the causes by checking the log which illustrates the overall DB status at which the system error occurred. It also provides a variety of information such as Library Cache and executed SQL Data, and hence, the tool has been always useful in our system administration.  And so we just kept on using it.

While I’ve been overseeing the system administration, just the fact that we were able to identify the potential system error issues and therefore improve in our response speed, and reduce the system downtime and the troubleshooting time has had a great impact on us.

For example, we had to expand the system due to application issues in system ‘A’, however, the operation team had simply concluded that a system expansion was necessary because the hardware storage capacity was not enough.  In this type of situation, we would have normally responded to the operation team’s needs and reviewed for expansion, but now with the new monitoring solution available to us, our routines have slightly changed.

Simply put, MaxGauge provides us the data through which we can objectively determine whether it is an issue of system capacity under a normal operation condition, or whether it is due to system overload caused by issues in the application.