Architecture Provides Web UI
Provides observation of Agent which is for data collection
Stores Performance data in DBMS
Provides Mobile UI (Android)
Alarm and SMS Connection Provides Alarm of MySQL performance indicators
Provides Alarm of Main OS Performance indicators
Provides Alarm of File system usage rate
SMS connection of Alarm which is set
Management of SMS Sending Number and Receivers
Provides Alarm occurring records
User Management Provides permissions for each user to manage different function
Enter IP through which access will be allowed by each user
Provides user ID lock function
Admins Menu access rights for each user

Real-time Monitoring

Convenient Monitoring Monitoring multiple MySQL database and instance on a single screen
Provides instance currently being monitored in different groups
NDB Monitoring Function
Resource Monitoring Provides CPU, Memory usage rate monitoring
Provides real-time Performance Indicators Trend of MySQL
Thread and Process Monitoring Provides Threads that are currently active which you can search in different conditions
Provides detail monitoring of Active Thread
Provides SQL Elapsed Time of each active thread and Threads within the group
Provides Lock holder, Threads, waiter relationship in a tree structure
Provides query kill in Thread Detail
SQL Monitoring Provides Threads Details Menu including SQL Texts
Provides Slow Queries based on the end elapsed time in a Scatter Chart
Provides performance information and SQL plan



Performance Analyzer

Daily Performance Analyzer Provides daily Performance indicators trend
Provides Dead lock information
Provides InnoDB status information
Provides Replication delay information
Provides Slow query information
Provides usage rate of different Database and File system
Performance degradation Analyzer Provides Active Thread information every 5 seconds
 Provides O/S Top Process information
Provides Lock holder, Threads, waiter relationship in a tree structure
Provides SQL text and Plans which executed in active Thread
Parameter Provides daily variables information
Alert Provides several MySQL logs and Alarm records
Backup Provides daily backup record information
Report Provides daily and weekly report of main indicators

Data collecting by MaxGauge Agent

Data Gather Collection

Performance Data Type Monitoring Cycle Time Logging Cycle Time Description
MySQL Performance information Every 1 min Every 1 min Cycle time is changeable
Maximum 1 second
( Monitoring, logging )
Thread Every 1 min Every 1 min
SQL Every 1 min Every 1 min
Alert When Alert occurs When Alert occurs Follow Alert rules

CloudWatch Collection

Performance Data Type Monitoring Cycle Time Logging Cycle Time Description
System Resource Every 1 min Every 1 min
O/S Process Not for real-time Process list Every 1 min Not for O/S Process through CloudWatch

EC2/RDS CloudWatch Indicators

EC2 indicators RDS indicators
CPUUtilization CPUUtilization
DiskReadBytes WriteLatency
DiskReadOps WriteIOPS
NetworkIn ReadLatency
NetworkOut ReadIOPS
NetworkPacketsIn NetworkTransmitThroughput
NetworkPacketsOut NetworkReceiveThroughput
StatusCheckFailed FreeableMemory
StatusCheckFailed_Instace FreeStorageSpace
StatusCheckFailed_System DiskQueueDepth


MaxGauge is running on AWS

MaxGauge for MySQL(MariaDB) supports both MySQL as a RDS running on AWS
as well as the MySQL installed on  EC2.