A specialized tool for APM can be used throughout the entire process of ALM(Application Lifecycle Management), which includes development, deployment and maintenance stages. MaxGauge predicts performance changes by comparing and analyzing the statistical data before the application update and the real time data after the update.


  • Development & Testing: MaxGauge is highly reliable and tests whether the applications are responding properly by running the overall system in virtual scenarios.


  • Deployment: Depending on the various patterns of actual users’ requests, system failures undetected during the load test scenario can be immediately recognized and analyzed in real time to quickly resolve issues and maintain a stable operational system.


  • Maintenance: After opening the system, a sudden increase in the number of users or minor systematic changes cause unexpected operational errors. MaxGauge instantly recognizes and analyzes the errors in real time to quickly resolve the issues.  MaxGauge is a unique tool for APM providing real-time monitoring for all performance indicators(number of users terminating simultaneously, TPS, and elapsed time) in all applications’ transactions during the operations.


  • In the latest IT environment where you are expected to quickly respond to ever-changing customer’s demands and make appropriate applications, it is crucial to perform tests prior to the application and to provide quick solutions to issues that may occur after the application updates.  MaxGauge provides the following functions that are useful in both test and operation environment.

 Transaction Summary / SQL Summary / Exception Summary / Diff Source



  • The quantitative data provided in MaxGauge makes it possible to have an effective communication in the development system and the operation system.