Since most customer service is a web-based operation, the management of business transactions through Application Server is very critical.  With MaxGauge, you can raise the customer’s satisfaction by minimizing the downtime and having the resiliency to handle system failures.



  • Total Costs Reduction(TCO): Through MaxGauge’s real-time monitoring and analysis function, you can provide high quality customer service by raising the ability to quickly deal with system failures. It also collects quantitative operational data, which becomes useful for accurate capacity calculation in the event of system expansion forward and ultimately reducing the total costs.


  • Stable Service Operation: When a performance issue occurs, MaxGauge quickly identifies the root cause of the problem and resolves the issue thereby minimizing the downtime and helping to maintain a stable service operation.


  •  Resiliency to Handle System Failures: By tapping into the accumulated operation data through continuous service performance monitoring, any potential risks can be prevented and the automatic alarm functions are available for an improved ability to handle system failures.


  •  Improved Customer Service Satisfaction: Minimum downtime, ability to handle system failures, and load control functions all contribute to establishing a highly stable and reliable system operation to provide top quality customer service.


  • Quantitative Performance Statistical Data Collection: Through the collection of various performance indicators’ quantitative data such as transaction amount, number of logons, resource usage amount and etc., you can tap into relevant and reliable data in the event of system expansion and capacity planning, as well as application tuning.