Environment Configuration

MaxGauge saves the performance information to the Repository.

Repository Configuration

Repository Configuration is used to save performance information in MySQL DB.

The configuration file location is conf/properties .

  1. dbpool.properties
    Configure the information for Gather to access the Repository DB.
Configuration KEY DEFAULT VALUE Description
manager.logging true Logging Options
manager.pool_type bonecp DB Pool Type
mydb.driver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver Connect Driver
mydb.url jdbc:mysql://<HOSTNAME>:3306/<DB_NAME> Repository Access Location
mydb.user REPOSITORY User
mydb.password REPOSITORY Password
mydb.connectTimeout 3 Connection Delay Wait Time
mydb.readTimeout 30 Read Time Duration
mydb.loginTimeout 1 Login Time Duration
mydb.testQuery SELECT 1 Query for remaining connected
mydb.minConnectionsPerPartition 3 DB Pooling Minimum
mydb.maxConnectionsPerPartition 30 DB Pooling Maximum
dynamic.instance.connectTimeout 3 Connection Delay Wait Time
dynamic.instance.readTimeout 30 Read Time Duration
dynamic.instance.loginTimeout 1 Login Time Duration
dynamic.instance.testQuery SELECT 1 Query for remaining connected
dynamic.instance.minConnectionsPerPartition 3 DB Pooling Minimum
dynamic.instance.maxConnectionsPerPartition 30 DB Pooling Maximum


  1. system.properties
    Configure the Port the WEB CLIENT will connect to and other client related settings.
Configuration KEY DEFAULT VALUE Description
socket.ip localhost Do Not Change
socket.port 8170 PORT for WEB CLIENT
socket.context /ws Fixed Value for internal operation
websocket.max_message_size 524288 Maximum size per transmission through the web socket.
websocket.compress false Compress web socket data
websocket.sqltext.len 30 Configures the length of SQL Text which will be shown on the THREADS LIST.


  1. daemon.properties
    Configure Gather details. In general situations, no changes are necessary.
  2. version.properties
    Contains the product version information. You can also check product version information from Admin’s Information area.


Gather Start and Stop

Once configuration is complete, execute Gather with all.start.sh.

SHELL> ./bin/all.start.sh

You can stop Gather with ALL.STOP.sh.

SHELL> ./bin/all.stop.sh