2.Maxgauge Daemon & Client

MaxGauge Startup and Shutdown

MaxGauge For MySQL is by default driven by the Real-time Client.

MaxGauge Real-time Client Startup

SHELL> ./bin/all.start.sh

MaxGauge Real-time Client Shutdown

SHELL> ./bin/all.start.sh


Open the Chrome browser and enter the IP’s WAS Port (ex. which is currently in service.


( Default Account : Administrator / Password : 1 )

Monitoring Server Registration ( Admin > Server(s) > Server  )

‘Server’ is a screen for registering and managing the connection information of the monitoring target database.

Administrator Menu Location

After login, reference the image below to go to the administrator screen.


Connection Information Registration

To register the connection information, click the ‘Add’ button on the ‘server’ screen.

  1. Click 4 button on the server window.
  2. Input Connection information.
  3. 5

    Item Item Description
    MySQL Connection Server Alias Connection Name
    IP Address IP address of the server in which MySQL is operating.
    Port Port used by MySQL.
    DB Login ID User name used to connect to MySQL.
    DB Password Database user’s password  to connect to MySQL.


    Accesskey Key Accesskey to access the CloudWatch
    Secretkey Secretkey to access the CloudWatch
    Region Location of server
    Service Type Type of server
    Instance Name Name of instance
    Gather No In case of high volume logging, the process numbering for division, Default Value ‘0’.
    Description Memo Input Window
    Use ? Whether to use or not the log collection and real-time.


  4. After checking the items entered, click the Save button to save information.
  5. 6


Edit Connection Information

To edit the connection information, click on the server you wish to edit on the ‘Server’ screen.

  1. Select the connection information you wish to edit and edit the information.
  2. 7

  3. When finished, click Save.
  4. 8


Delete Connection Information

To delete connection information, click the ‘Delete’  button on the ‘Server’ screen.

  1. After checking the connection information you wish to delete, click the   9     button  on the Instance Manager screen.
  2. Click ‘Yes’ button on the confirmation window.

Start Log Collection and Monitoring

Only ‘Y’ from the following items  11   will become active for log collection and monitoring.

From the EXEM Maxgauge for Mysql screen, when you click  Process > All STOP , START to reflect the changed server information, you can check the collected data in Real-time and Performance Analyzer.

SHELL> ./bin/all.start.sh

Open Chrome browser and enter “ “.


( Default Account : Administrator / Password : 1 )


( Integrated Real-time )