This function allows the user to enter specific time period and conditions to search the corresponding session information from the logged Threads list.

If you check  the Last Elapsed Time  condition, you can search for the SQL’s Last Query Time executed by the same thread.

Threads Details Menu
Search Options TIME Logged time search condition
HOST NAME Connection HOST search condition
DB NAME SCHEMA search condition
USER NAME DB USER search condition
ID ID search condition
ELAPSED TIME(S) QUERY TIME search condition
SQL TEXT SQL TEXT search condition
LAST ELAPSED TIME For long running threads, the logs may be duplicated and in such a case, you can use this option to check the last time.

Grouped by THREAD ID + ID + SQL TEXT.




This function allows you to check the DEADLOCK details.  Logging occurs if any changes occur for every 1 minute.


Innodb Status

This function allows you to check the Innodb Status information.  The data is logged every 5 minute.